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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of product do you offer?

Souperwell lovingly cooks traditional chinese herbal soups just like how your parents and their parents made it. We offer both frozen (cooked) and DIY kits. For those new to the healing and nourishing properties of herbal soups, we include all the instructions required to make your own herbal soups at home!

How does it taste?

Chinese herbal soups are delicious unlike chinese medicine. Our soups are slow-cooked bone broths infused with herbal properties that carries sweet, savoury, and warming flavours.

How do I make my own soup?

Yes! All the instructions are on the back of each package. You can also check out a step-by-step video here LINK

Do you offer pre-cooked soups?

Yes, we offer frozen soups as well that take approximatley 8 minutes to reheat on a pot.

What kitchen tools do I need?

A regular 2L or more pot!

Are there vegan options?

Yes, please let us know your requirements and contact us directly.

How long does it take?

With a regular pot: ~2 hours, with a pressure cooker ~1.5 hrs

What are the health benefits?

Chinese herbal soups can prevent and help relieve various health issues. Check out our menu for a comprehensive list of each soup and their healthy properties!

Where are you from?

My grandfather is a TCM practitioner in Kowloon City, Hong Kong for 30 years. My family grew up healing our bodies with these natural remedies and have seen first-hand the healing properties of TCM.

When I moved out of home, there were certain dishes I needed to master. Soup was first on the list. Cooking herbal soups is a preventative and restorative practice that has been embedded in my lives and culture.

When I saw the less-than-ideal-quality and range of herbs available in supermarkets, which were frequently accompanied by poor English labels and strange names, I felt privileged to have grown up with the quality herbs from my grandfather's TCM practice. I want everyone to be able to access quality herbs and understand it's benefits.

My aspiration is to ensure these TCM traditions along with my culture is carried along into future generations and continues to have its place in modern society.

Do you do catering and events?

Yes, Souperwell can provide full catering services for all your events, galas, functions, and dinners

Do you offer Postpartum meal plans?

Yes! Please refer to our Postpartum section of the menu.

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