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Demystifying Chinese Soups 101 - Webinar

Demystifying Chinese Soups 101 - Webinar

Join Souperwell as we demystify chinese herbs and teach you how to make herbal soups in an easy one hour interactive program.


  1. Introduction
  2. Virtual Cooking Demonstration - Techniques and key steps
  3. Educational Guidance - Insights on benefits of each TCM ingredient
  4. Nutritional Expertise - Nutritional context and TCM principles for each herb
  5. Herb Sourcing - Guidance on sourcing high quality herbs and ingredients
  6. Tips and Tricks - How to keep things simple and effective
  7. Interactive Q&A
  8. Closing

A virtual one hour face to face cooking session to learn the basics of how to make healthy soup for your family.

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We would love for you to incorporate what you learned with our products!

Learn how to source high quality ingredients

Learn how easy it is to make Chinese soup

Step by step tutorial on the best practices to make the healthiest and tastiest soups.

Ask questions!

We are here to help demystify any questions you may have!

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