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Cough relief and nasal decongestion soup

Besides providing truly delicious nourishment for a weakened body, this Chinese Pear Herbal Tonic Soup will help to sooth away your cough and clear away that persistent phlegm. Suitable for kids 15 months and older.


What to expect in every pack

  • 2-1 in Pack for both small and large families.
  • Vegan
  • High in Protein
  • No MSG
  • The best natural hand-picked herbs
  • Serves the whole family
  • Simple instructions and cooking time

Why Take It

 Relieve nagging persistent coughs.
 Keep your lungs clear and free of mucus.
 Avoid the side effects, drowsiness, taste, and chemical properties of cough syrups.
 If you suffer from seasonal coughs or bronchitis.

Ingredients & Healing Benefits

Sweet apricot kernel, bitter apricot kernel, chuan bei, dried chinese yams, dried pear, dried mushroom, dried figs, textured pea protein
南北杏, 川貝, 淮山, 雪梨,冬菇,無花果, 豌豆蛋白

How to use

Click Here to watch a demonstration.

Each bag contains two individually wrapped soup bags, each of which serves 2-3 people.

Cooking Instructions:

1. Rinse all the ingredients and place them in a pot with water (recommended 1.5 liters).

2. Bring to a boil over high heat, then reduce to low heat and simmer for 1-1.5 hours before serving.

**You can adjust the amount of water to achieve the desired consistency.

Optional: Add carrots, corn, or blanched chicken or pork if desired.

Vegan option: Add a handful of cashews for additional flavor.


Cooking Instructions:

1. 將所有湯料洗淨後放入鍋中加水(建議1.5升)。

2. 大火煮沸後轉小火煮1-1.5小時即可飲用。




2 Pack (2 person per pack)

Premade soups serve 2-3 persons (1L)

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